Paytada Wallet

1. Deposit and Withdraw

  • Network: BNB Smart Chain

  • Coins: Support for over 50+ types of assets

  • Minimum Deposit: $10

  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10



2. Send crypto assets

Send crypto assets to another Paytada account for free using the Funding wallet, through Email, or UID (User Identity). Requires Google Authenticator passcode for added security.


3. Transfer feature

The Transfer feature facilitates the convenient and free movement of assets between wallets, ensuring quick and seamless transactions for users.



4. History feature

The History section offers a comprehensive overview of all actions, including deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between wallets.


5. Funding wallet

The Funding Wallet simplifies deposit and withdrawal management within the Paytada system. It displays a detailed transaction history and supports over 50 different assets.


6. Trading wallet

Designed for asset management during trading, the Trading Wallet showcases a detailed transaction history. Users can seamlessly transfer assets from the Funding Wallet to the Trading Wallet to initiate trades on the Paytada platform.


7. Gaming wallet

The Gaming Wallet supports asset management for gaming activities within the Game zone. Displaying a detailed history of game results, users can transfer assets from the Funding Wallet to the Gaming Wallet to engage in various gaming experiences.


8. Earning wallet

Optimizing asset management for products like "Learn and Earn, Quest, Lucky Spin," and future Earning products of PTD, the Earning Wallet provides detailed histories for each mentioned product. Users can transfer funds from the Earning Wallet to the Funding Wallet and make withdrawals.

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