Explaining Paytada's Learn and Earn Feature: Education Meets Rewards

Discover how easily a user earned 700 PTD on the Paytada platform through our Learn and Earn program. Here’s your guide to joining in:

Learn Through Videos: Watch concise, educational videos about Paytada and its features.

Earn with Quizzes: Answer quiz questions correctly after each video to earn rewards.

The program also includes courses on other blockchain projects, complete with quizzes and token rewards for successful learners.

Reward Details: Currently, there are seven Learn and Earn modules available, with more on the way. For each module completed, you’ll receive 100 PTD tokens, which are automatically distributed to your account.

Practical Application: Apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios through the Quests feature to earn additional rewards.

Eligibility: Deposit $10 and hold for 7 days.

Availability: April 22 to May 22, limited to the first 10,000 participants.

Join now to enhance your knowledge and earn rewards!

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